Multitasking is a capability that not everyone possesses but is certainly an area of specialization with the help of which video successful ventures could be made. Parry Deswal is a multi-talented artist who has tried out his luck and talent in various areas like singing, writing lyrics and influencing huge masses. It is important to observe that the focus of people constantly keep shifting from one thing to another because times are pretty dynamic. What really makes them interested in one particular artist or their content is the relatability and the quality of work done to come up and Parry Deswal delivers quite fantastically in both these branches. 

He is an exceptionally dedicated and determined person who knows the perfect way of creating music not just professionally but also personally. A lot of people can provide content that the masses enjoy, but where is the originality that the audience desired to be connected and to stay tuned? Parry Deswal is providing with such original pieces that can captivate the audience every time they listen to it. Be it an upbeat style or something unique, he is capable of making just any kind of music. His perception of the world is quite unique and distinguished, allowing him to think differently.

Parry Deswal has numerous successful achievements not just in the music industry but also in brand promotions. He is known to have worked with rivona naturals, K2 care, carbamide food supplements, xenith nutrition, myfitness, active biotics, Inwood organics, the man company, spruce shave club, and some extremely popular ones like Colgate and Nestle. There are obviously a few others that have not been mentioned since the list goes pretty long. 

You might want to have a look at his previous releases of songs too: IkGeet (Simran Music), Alcohol (Amar Audio), Jaguar Di Gal (Funjuice Entertainment), Supna (Kamerock Films), Brown Girl (Lost Virsa Records), Bhoot Bhangra (Malwa Records), Friend vs Girlfriend (Team Records), Fuse Confuse (Mad 4 Music). You can relate to them and even download them as these are available on various musical platforms. there is no hurry but you should be completely aware of the fact that a few more songs are coming soon, most of which are awaited by all: Kalla Reh Gaya, Bholenath Mere, Asal Zindagi and Daood ki chhori.

If you want to know more about Parry Deswal and stay updated about his work as an artist and influencer, you can simply check out his social media handle (Link down below).





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