When we closely look around ourselves, we hourly notice how certain assiduity have only been constantly rising. It’s essential to know the reasons behind their exponential rise. Apart from the beaucoup technological advances the world borrowed, the hard work, passion and determined drive of the adolescent army made all the difference across assiduity. These adolescent aptitudes have always made captions for all the right reasons and have yea astonished people with their creative thinking capabilities and canny minds in their different fields. Shiva Dahiya is all about this and much more in the world of music. He has made his career blunder by blunder by making amazing Haryanvi Songs as a musician and impresario.

Ask him what drove him towards the world of music, and the bairn says, “ To beget my unique standing in the diligence, to furnish individual new, inspire greatness and concoction and do a positive difference in the lives of my listeners.” Adding further, he says that to be a part of the competitive diligence, it’s essential for musical artists and auteurs to always work around lyrics that can help them get connected yea amidst a massive crowd. The day auteurs understand the magnitude of standing unique in the diligence instead of only following what others do, is the day they will start sculpting their success story.

Shiva Dahiya moment has come the go-to man and impresario in Haryanvi songs whose lyrics making process has also made him breed his unique niche in the assiduity. Shiva Dahiya began his expedition while he was still in middle academe, and after turning 19, he started to center on creating his career in music professionally. He worked rigorously to earn the success he asked in the assiduity and so yea committed at ateliers at the baseline of his career. Thereafter, he brought beats to artists and either made music that took him to the top of the music maps. Jail se faraar, Gym ka Craze, Rao Sahab, and Rao Sahab Ka Chora are the songs that bleed his true music passion, which has earned him consequential love and recognition in the assiduity.

Besides making the consummate of the breaks, Shiya Dahiya also has always created newer breaks for himself to take the music space to major success echelons. Do follow him on Instagram @Shivadahiya.official to know more.


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