Brand and Tailoring Maison BOTTEGA DALMUT. A Tailor
Shop with a special atelier that handcrafts suits using the finest materials on the market. Everything happens on the cutting table, the company’s core, where expert hands bring to life ” The Tailored Suit ” followed by the production of accessories, such as cashmere or silk ties, bow ties, shirts, shoes and many other accessories for gentlemen. Of course, all strictly “handmade in Italy”.

Bottega Dalmut is a different approach to tailoring as
we know it. It is the union between the ancient sartorial
Apulian tradition and the imagination of a young designer” says Leonida Ferrarese in this third chapter of LUOMO Insider. “My vision has always been to create something different using these two elements.” It all begins with Leonida Ferrarese’s passion for haute
couture. After graduating and accomplishing a Masters
in Marketing in NYC with studies in the field of haute
couture, he made his way in the fashion marketing offices
of Salvatore Ferragamo on 5th Avenue New York, and
later returned to his hometown where he founded the Brand and Tailoring Maison BOTTEGA DALMUT.

Here, Bottega Dalmut, each garment
requires a long time for its making just like
a painting on the canvas, with expert
hands and perfect strokes. Everything in
here is done with the utmost attention to
detail – stitch after stitch after stitch, using
a steam iron, treating the lapels and their
roundness, quilting thin layers of canvas.
All with precise cutting like a puzzle where
all the pieces fit together perfectly, lines,
squares and stitches fall together and re-
create the design which the client had in
his mind. Not only Bottega Dalmut gives
its clients their ‘Bespoke Suit’ but
also archive all details in the customer’s
personal dossier for future orders. This not
only save customer’s precious time but
also avoid unnecessary fitting
Providing its clients a whole new tailoring
experience, at Bottega Dalmut, one can not
only chose the colour of the buttons,
linings but also different types of pockets
for both the jacket and the trousers. They
also pay attention to customer’s desire
whether to make a suit witth single-
breasted jacket with two or three buttons,
a formal double-breasted four or six
buttons, a six-button blazer or a three-
piece suit with vest. One can also choose
the rever, whether with a spear, classic buttons, a six-button blazer or a three piece suit with vest. One can also choose the rever, whether with a spear, classic with a tooth or round shawl.
To give customers with their best
customized suit’, Bottega Dalmut
dedicates about forty hours only to
finishing and complete packaging of a suit.
About 30,000 stitches are used to put
together a masterpiece conceived by
clients and perfected by the hands Bottega
Dalmut experts who create art with fabrics
and stitches.


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