It is said that money can’t buy you happiness! And yes.. In all its oddity it fits the world renowned Chef Faisal Ahmed Aldeleigan, for whom his 9 to 5 bank job didn’t bring happiness but his few minutes cooking sessions could make him feel alive. So once the Banker in him decided to listen to his heart, and learned that the crackling of spices in the pan was more soothing to his ears than the silence of currency notes in his Bank. With new energy and confidence Faisal Ahmed Aldeleigan, left his big career in the huge bank giving him fat salary in pursuit of happiness.
His never ending journey took him to Italy and England, where the neophyte learned the art of cooking. Faisal, was keen like a child, all excited and motivated, he wanted to learn all the sophistication and the art that goes into cooking. To Faisal this new chapter of his life was more kind of a spiritual growth for him, while learning the culinary, he was also practicing positivity and compassion. For him cooking became a way of gratitude, as he wanted to return the kindness and happiness that the world was giving him.
As his highly paid job failed to make him contend and happy, his small dream of becoming a chef and a small step in order to follow his heart made him one of the top most chefs in the world. Before turning his dream into reality the chef cum entrepreneur, Faisal was like most of us, hiding from taking risk but once he came out to face the hardships of this world and decided to become the top chef of the world, there was no stopping for him. Soon, the Business Finance degree holder from New York Institute of Technology, Faisal Ahmed Aldeleigan was among the top ten chefs in the world and was guiding multiple restaurants in KSA and Bahrain. It seemed like Faisal was writing his own destiny and within a very small span of time he become The Member of World Master Chef’s Society and the founder of Chef Faisal Consultancy. His popularity and success could be understood by the internet search results, which place his website in first few search suggestions.
With a fan following over 15.7 thousand on his Instagram account, Faisal inspires and motivates future chefs who aspire to be like him; successful and famous. In the world of hotel industry, Faisal has become a name and his success story is inspiring thousands of people across the world. He has become a perfect example to the people who want to achieve something in life but lack the required confidence or say miss that spark.
Faisal’s secret ingredient is his love and emotions that he mixes in his cooking and serves at the table. Chef Faisal believes that we cook what we feel. If we feel bitter and angry our food would taste like that, if we cook with love and compassion our customers will experience that in their plates and it will also affect their inner energy. So, to serve people food that is cooked in love and is garnished with warmth, Faisal has opened many restaurants worldwide.
Furthermore to the endless tale of his success and fame, Faisal, also manages a restaurant in Bahrain, ‘Bun Bun Bistro’. The Faisal believes, “Cooking is not an easy thing and one must know first to win their own heart before winning others.”


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