To dream big is one thing but to turn it into reality is something that requires consistency, persistence, and discipline. Without passion and aspirations, success doesn’t follow and it remains merely a dream which sticks with you for forever. So if you dare to dream big than make sure to pursue it just like Manpreet Singh, a tech entrepreneur who at a very young age has achieved nearly everything in his life with his meticulous entrepreneurship secrets.

The tech genius, Manpreet Singh, was born in Jammu & Kashmir, in 2000. Born in the era of computers and technology, this millennium kid had inbuilt intelligence and with his curious and sharp mind, Manpreet became a technological prodigy. At the age of 3, when normal kids learn to talk properly, Manpreet was attracted towards computers and gadgets. And by 8, perplexed by the fact how some people take orders from their bosses in order to earn money, this kid had already decided to become his own boss. As these tender age kids have their own problems, Manpreet like any other kid was bewildered not because he didn’t have a vision but because he had no one to guide him. So, to prepare himself for his big dreams and long journey of success, focused and determined Manpreet self-taught himself to carve his way to become a young entrepreneur. During his self-learning phase, Manpreet, read and researched about great business personalities like Bill Gates and others, to get the right direction and motivation from their success and failure stories. He learnt a major part of website designing by Microsoft’s free online courses, which help him to utilize his free time instead of wasting it on other meager things.

But who is the best teacher than life? Losing his father to cancer at just 9, he learned the harsh reality of life. The shelter and protection he had over his head in the form of his father was gone and Manpreet was watching his mother, Mrs Balbir Kaur working hard to bring food to the table. But this only made Manpreet more strong and focused.

Now the fire for success in him was burning brighter than ever and at the age of 12, Manpreet was developing his own websites. Soon, Manpreet was into website designing business, making websites for his clients and earning money. But to him money wasn’t the priority he thrived for success to earn name, soon his hard work paid off and he was officially recognised as a creator by Microsoft India and Microsoft UK. In 2017 alone, he attended 3 events organised by Microsoft and also stood out as the youngest participant in them. This was a big opportunity for him and Manpreet used it to make contacts with Microsoft’s core team which later helped him to achieve his goals and dreams. In the year 2018, Manpreet made a major decision of relocating from India to the United Kingdom, for higher studies. There Manpreet not only studied the international markets, but also made amazing contacts and friends who helped him understand global market.

For Manpreet, 2018 came out to be the luckiest year of his life. It changed Manpreet’s life forever as this was the year when he met someone who had the common aim of and shared same dream and passion to achieve it. It was Mr Bikram Singh Multani, with who Manpreet founded ‘Innokrtas PVT LTD’ (IT Solution Company) at the age of 18.

Focusing on network attached storage devices, ‘Innokrats’ is a tech company, which gave him recognition in the global market. Now this 19-year-old entrepreneur is not only excelling in the Tech Sector, but also has taken initiative in real-estate sector, Food tech and sustainable fashion.
The successful young kid from India is now making name in the world and by the end of 2020 he is planning to launch his company in USA with his partner Bikram Singh Multani, who will be focusing on development of the products and Business structure, while, Manpreet Singh will handle Public Relations, Branding and Marketing of the companies.
The duo already has a name for their US company brand that is ‘V-Carte’ and under this brand they will launch Contactless business cards, in order to reduce the wastage of paper based business cards.

They are also planning to launch a Food-Tech company in London and many other projects the company are in line of Research & Development. They are also working with celebrities and other entrepreneurs on few other projects.

All the success stories start with a single step and in the case of this 20-year-old successful entrepreneur who not only dreamt big but also inspired others to dream big and achieve it. Manpreet motivates youths and young entrepreneurs to never stop learning and to face failures as lessons. He also recommends the young generation who are the future of humanity to keep their mind open, be curious, observant and learn from your surroundings.


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