It is so amazing to learn and read more about all those individuals, especially from the younger brigade, who ensure to reach the peak of success by working towards their goals committedly and believing in themselves as professionals in all that they choose to lay their hands on. This is definitely easier said than implemented, but a few rare gems like Razor, aka Razorartist, have been doing even that and bowling over people with their pure skills, tenacity, and resilience in the world of music. Razor is one among the very few who, at a very young age, has already created quite a momentum and success for his each of his songs so far.

Razor says that if it weren’t for the commitment and perseverance he showed at a young age while honing his skills in music, growing up in North London, he wouldn’t have reached thus far. He highlights that in 2005 he began his career in music and since then has always made sure to create music that can easily connect with his audiences and listeners and make them feel one with his music. His musical talents, diversity, and signature sound and beats all have helped Razor glide forward in the industry and gain great recognition in the music scene in the UK.

Razor’s 5-series Mixtapes had given him massive success, and his consistency in his musical craft since then has also kept him at the forefront of the music space. In his career, he has featured singles with many other top artists like RD Millz, Cadet, Chrom3, Jay Soul, Gappy Ranks, and Bog Cakes and has even done tours in the past across the UK.

Since 2012, Razor (@razorartist) has also achieved tremendous accolades and awards and given major hits like Reasons, Make Up To Break Up, Ride for Me, Once A Woman Twice A Child, Dead Marshes, Swimming In Your Ovaries, Run’s House, Best of Luck, Rainy Days, and Get It In, available on Spotify,


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