Mr Ankit Sanan is a young blossoming entrepreneur, an academician and EdTech expert. He is prominent for his stupendous startup named as Inkclick, an education plus networking forum. Since the time he was an adolescent, his mind quenched his passion by creating a platform for reinforcing others. He had a profound interest in education and networking, which made him an EdTech expert/entrepreneur and educationalist.

Ankit Sanan

Ankit in consistently working to captivate a change in the present educational system by building an innovative platform for everyone. Inkclick is one of it’s the tremendous kind which is serving the purpose by recolonizing untapped potential and talent most effectively. He is bestowed with terrific awards and recognitions for his work as an entrepreneur and educationalist, he became India’s first-ever youngest flying instructor B737NG in 2014. He accomplished merit in his university for his intellect strategies. Apart from all this, he struck 12000 hours of flying which earned him a great reputation in The Indian Aviation Circle.

Ankit Sanan did his schooling from Delhi. He was first picked up for the BSC program in the St. Stephens college but later opted for Electronics and Communication engineering in which touched laurels by earning highest marks in the entire institution. He was freaky behind his passion for flying so he decided to pursue his dream by getting himself trained in Civil Aviation in 2005. Ankit believed from the very beginning that the notion of education is not perceived correctly by the majority of the public, so he incubated his venture to redefine education. Inkclick is known for delivering world-class practical and relevant education in the entire world.

Ankit is committed to furnishing education ,that can help an individual to become the best version of himself. Through his entrepreneurial skills has redefined the label and myths that society preaches. He is leading the young minds through his commitment to squeeze out the best upshots. Many institutions nowadays are creating a false image of education by bribing the money of the parents that makes it hard a choice to distinguish the illusions from the practical knowledge but through Ankit and his platform Inkclick, anybody can enjoy the ultimate essence of education from any corner of the world and rest remains assured that this educational experience will direct his students to fruitful and mesmerizing outcomes.


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