Exceptional rapper Anurag Desiworldwide enthrals all with his lyrical and melodic genius.

With each of his songs, the much-talked-about rapper and artist gradually makes his mark in the Indian music industry.

Isn’t it astounding to know about all those professionals showcasing their A-game in all they choose to lay their hands on in their careers and lives? The world has noticed the rise of too many such talented beings working across industries of the world, but a handful of them have stood tall and unique for more reasons than one. Their journeys and the many bold choices they made have even ignited the fire within other budding talents to follow their passion and build robust careers for themselves in the industries of their choice. Modern-day rapper and musical artist Anurag Desiworldwide is all about this and more.

Anurag Desiworldwide’s relentless passion, drive, and madness for music combined with his signature sound, lyrical genius, and also suave fashion choice have added to his glory in the industry. He is a true talent, who has never shied away from taking the required risks in his journey, and that’s how he has even created a success path for himself, all on his own, relying on his strong self-belief, confidence, and conviction as an artist. One of his songs Kali Kali Gaddiya by AJ Dubailand, ft. the man himself, Anurag Desiworldwide, created a massive buzz in the industry, resulting in enormous views and streams on major streaming platforms.

Anurag Desiworldwide
Anurag Desiworldwide

The 1989-born Haryana, Indian talent, now has made UAE his home. His years of experience in producing and writing raps and his effortlessness in transporting people into a different world altogether through his phenomenal tracks have what brought him to the forefront of the industry in no time. He is glad how people so far have showered him with much love for his work and aims to continue winning their hearts by consistently acing his game in music and coming up with songs that can directly touch people’s hearts and souls.

Anurag Desiworldwide (@anurag_desiworldwide) is also looking forward to the many tracks he has been working on and planning to release soon to yet again enthral listeners and music lovers.


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