Bronx-born artist Francis Volpe releases his new offering “Trust,” which makes its arrival with an accompanying visual directed by Nimi Hendrix. Francis Volpe presents a cinematic visual that brings to life the infectious melodic track complemented by smooth Spanish guitars and bass-knocking beats.

Francis Volpe adds, “This single shines light on how your status tends to be a gift and curse in a relationship. I speak on my status and how my appeal that reels women at the beginning of a relationship leads to trust issues and insecurities after we’re in it.” Without trust, you don’t have anything.”


After years of perfecting his craft, Francis Volpe began to take music seriously and decided to take his music career to the next level. Known for his versatility & the ability to be musically diverse, creating witty unique flows and lyrical content in the snap of an eye, unlike many, Francis Volpe likes to freestyle his music for greater content and more feeling-full music.


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