The music industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world which has its own humongous fan following. Alone in India, music industry is expected to cross INR 19.2 Billion mark by 2021. The surge of internet usage has created a fertile ground for the streaming services in the Indian market, which in turn has paved the way for technological geniuses like, Yash Vashishtha and singers, who want to do something BIG!
One of the youngest Social Media Marketer and the owner of ‘Social Matte Media’, Yash Vashishtha, has joined hands with popular Punjabi singers, To take music to the next level and are all set to create a music album which will create history.
Where, this social media geek, very well knows how to take music to listeners across the Internet with his exceptional social media marketing skills, the singers of Punjabi music industry, knows how to rule the fan’s hearts. In this new collaboration, Vashishtha’s ‘Social Matte’ will produce and market musical composition through the latest social media marketing channels.
As Yash Vashishtha has already worked with many top notch brands and celebrities, he is now eyeing to work with top production companies in Bollywood. The success mantra for Vashishtha lies in 3 Cs of his social media marketing strategy. As the young tech icon believes that to achieve success and fame one should follow 3Cs, which stands for– Create (new methods), Cleverly (execute those methods) and Content (is the king).
Speaking of Success, Singers have given many hits and are known for their solo songs, while, Yash Vashishtha has already established himself as a tech icon. When two experts come together to create something it is bound to create magic and we are pretty sure that their collaboration will only make something astonishing and this music album will definitely enjoy huge success.


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