Building his career from scratch, Hafiz has become a sought-after motivational speaker, mentor and Amazon private label and wholesale expert.

Out of the many industries that have grown consistently over the world, the kind of growth the digital world and the e-commerce space gained made the most headlines and grabbed the eyeballs of all. The success that these industries have achieved can be attributed to the incessant hard work and zealousness of the younger brigade, who have gone all in to emerge as change-makers in the industry and, in the process, also inspire other youngsters to become their best versions in the business. Serving as one such high-performing entrepreneur in the e-commerce world, and specifically in the Amazon space, is Hafiz Muhammad Ahmed, a name that has become quite synonymous with success.

He is the one behind the growth and success of many other budding e-commerce entrepreneurs, thanks to his unique e-commerce business and marketing agency called “E-Comrades” ( that offer the best Amazon FBA PL services, thus making him a desired Amazon private label and wholesale expert. The incredible services he provides through his company include business development, Amazon FBA PL, Amazon FBA wholesale, and accounting and consultancy. Their expertise in all of these services has turned people’s lives for the better and made them more skilled and prepared for building, launching, and growing profitable e-commerce businesses.

Hafiz Ahmed is also a one-of-a-kind Amazon consultant in the business, offering services like product hunting, product sourcing, listing creation and optimization, Amazon PPC, and product launch services. His sole aim has been to enable new sellers to survive and thrive in the industry through his top-notch consultation and help them make a fortune out of his business model.

Travelling and reading are what he enjoys the most, and so far, has travelled to the UK, China, the Maldives, and Malaysia to explore and discover places for business. His 10 long years of experience in the industry has made him a respected and trusted entrepreneur and mentor who cares for the growth of others and hence makes sure to teach income-generating skills to the youth for helping them create fruitful careers in the industry.

There is so much that Hafiz Muhammad Ahmed wants to learn in life and wants to keep working harder each day to reach the top of the e-commerce game soon. Till then, do visit his website, to know more.


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