Music is the one thing you can turn to in any situation and find just the right comfort from it. Whether you’re celebrating your joys or drowning your sorrows, music is the nonjudgmental source of deeper understanding. Sasha Goat, creator of popular singles such as “Kangaroo” and “Keep It Hot,” goes as far as describing music as an invisible line that connects hearts and uplifts souls.

Music is a shared part of human existence that you will find in all cultures. Sasha Goat, whose most recent track is the fan favorite “Just Jessie,” states that listening to music impacts everyone. It can help you make sense of complex feelings and reframe your perspective on various aspects of life. For most people, their choice of music is what they can relate to, based on what they are going through in life.

Do you have songs that you listen to when you are happy? Sad? In love? Heartbroken? In all these instances, music helps uplift your soul and brighten your mood. Music therapy has been used for a long time to help people. This is because it holds the power to interpret your unexplainable thoughts and help you confront emotions that you tend to hide from.

Sasha Goat believes that a lot of what humans go through would be compounded into catastrophic measures without music. At the same time, we would have no ability to relate to others or connect to people from different parts of the world. Researchers have found that music helps reduce pain and anxiety. Imagine if there was no music!

The reason why music can connect hearts and uplift souls is its universality. Music is not bound by time or space. It doesn’t conform to societal pressures and social norms. Music is timeless and can be felt and understood by all, regardless of the differences in language and heritage.

Every day, music is healing souls and connecting hearts. That is why couples have a favorite song, and you can become instant friends with someone just from their music taste.

Sasha Goat reminds us what Plato said about music: it gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything.


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