Coldplay x BTS is the collaboration of the decade, or maybe the century. When the rumor first spread, the online community was ablaze with the possibilities and theories into what it might be about. Coldplay’s own Chris Martin said that it began as an online buzz created by fans and has now yielded one of the best songs of our time.

According to William Lee, the song is nothing short of ethereal. And it was to be expected of a collaboration between the two largest boy bands in the world. Their hit single “My Universe” has simply knocked the ball out of the park. It goes beyond our wildest dreams of what the collaboration would have looked like.

As fans have been swept up by the catchy tune and the incredible music video, others have begun creating fan-made videos for the song. One that has particularly caught Willima Lee’s eye is the LEGO version of the music video made by Clement Boquet. If you thought the original music video was awe-inspiring, strap in for the LEGO version with all the magic, the effects, and allure—but with LEGOs!

William Lee explains that he fell in love with the LEGO version of “My Universe” the first moment he saw it. He describes it as “truly universal, cuts across every barrier in the world, and even penetrates other universes. It is a true depiction of the beauty and broadness of the universe.”

William Lee adds that what he finds most impressive about it all is how it ties together neatly. “You’ve got two languages—English and Korean—and then the LEGOs, the magical tune, and fans from every corner of the globe,” he says. The LEGO version of “My Universe” has not just wowed William Lee; it has also blown Coldplay’s minds as they tweeted about it on their official handle.

It is not very often that fan-made covers and music videos hit the mark like the original, but William Lee says the LEGO version of “My Universe” has delivered everything and more.


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