He hails from Paris, France and now has also made his unique name as a singer in Dubai with many exciting musical projects.

Enough has already been spoken about so many professionals and artists across creative and artistic niches and much has been discussed about how their journeys and struggles have been so far. However, it is time to also focus on certain important topics for all those up and coming musical artists and singers who are vying to reach the top and want the world to know about what musical talent they truly possess and how they can connect with them deeply through the same. All this can get too overwhelming as well, but experts of the industry are of the opinion that upcoming singers and musicians must only focus on how they can grow as professionals and how they can strike the right chord with their listeners. Jacob Ambient, who is famous with his stage name Jacob Ambient believes the same and has been doing exactly that, which has helped him thrive so much in the industry in a very short period of time, not just in France but also in Dubai.

Below, the 25-year-old throws light on how people can jumpstart their careers in music.

  • Know what you seek: There are many individuals who get too attracted by the highs and the successes they notice of other musical artists from the industry and aim to replicate their success for themselves, but Jacob Ambient says that doing this without any proper aim is a waste of time. Aspiring singers must know their goals and understand what they seek in their careers. They must follow their own dreams rather than only focusing on the journeys of others.
  • Meet people from the industry: Only playing the keyboard at home will not let people transform their dreams into a reality. They need to step outside their homes and get into the music industry to meet more like-minded people, other artists and see how things actually work, suggests Jacob Ambient.
  • Create a buzz online: The social media world is where everyone from almost all industries needs to be, explains Jacob Ambient. He says that it is essential to create more buzz around one’s work so that people get used to their music online. The more buzz they create for their music online, the more opportunities open up for them to step into the industry.

Jacob Ambient, while still being a youngster and even amidst so much saturation in the industry, has been able to make his mark, all because of his consistent efforts and never say die attitude. The young singer who has already impressed people with his tracks Lova and Demain can’t wait for people to also love his next J’adore. To learn more, follow him on Instagram @jacoblevinrad


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