Music can bring all types of people together. The communal bond between people while listening to a band on cd,or seeing a live performance can be inspirational and motivating. That energy has created some of the best talent within the music industry, but not all of them have the same approach to learning or expressing their skills. Let’s just focused an eyeball on a blooming artist Jill & Julia from Nyc. they are having lot of potential in themselves. Jill & Julia’s hobbies are listening music, playing music and creating own music. Interesting fact is they both took birth with so many capabilities in them. As an artist they faced ups and downs in the beginning of their career. Singer Jill & Julia says, there are many ways to express your self within music, but to some playing music can be much more organic then to others. The intuitive self taught musician can leave you wondering the mysticism of their ways and the musician may wonder the same at times. Much of the talent the self taught musician comes natural, and they feel the rhythm’s and notes just as one can feel sadness and tears. They tend to exercise their skills with music that is more improvisational like jazz and blues.

Singer Jill & Julia illustrated, learning music at a young age taught me responsible, how to manage our time, and how to communicate with others more quickly and efficiently. As we got older if gave us a hobby and a way express ourself. We learned how to read and write music. It’s important to be able to read and write music because, We will be able to play anything we want. When someone is a musician, Thaybhas a different social life than people who are not. Singer Jill & Julia like to create their own music and they also recreate old music into new one. Jill & Julia believes, whatever your musical craft may be, as long as you are making steps to improve every day, you will be eventually be one of the best out of there. It all add up in the end, successful artist don’t wait for opportunities to come to them- they seek themout or create them themselves.

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