Their extreme passion to reach newer heights has led them to establish their unique venture which has been widely recognized.

There are many individuals who have done wonders in their respective fields of work. Some of them have gone that extra mile and carved their own distinct niche and taken their sectors to further levels of success. The music realm has two such talented individuals who have gone that extra mile and created their own identity. We are talking about L’Omari and Jonny Sierra, both of whom have been equally passionate about art and music because they have been constantly in close proximity of its workings and that made them grow close to the craft, only to take it to the next level. They both strongly believe that music is something much more than just rhythms and melodies, as it has a kind of magic which has the potential to stir hearts and souls.

They have now tried to bring about a drastic change to the world of music with the launch of Bidwin Music Group, which is aimed at encouraging people to do more towards this wondrous space. Their music label was launched through the “Qatar Music Foundation” in 2016. The duo have been progressively pushing the art around GCC and even across the United States. Having realized that this is what their calling is, they have given their all and have tried to reach the world through their innovations in music. The young duo are looking forward to investing in start-ups in various countries with the aim of empowering the youth and help them develop their music skills.

Furthermore, L’Omari is slated to perform in front of his hometown for Qatar’s FIFA 2022 World Cup, which will make their music reach a wider audience base. Talking about this big event scheduled next year, Jonny says, “This is an ideal opportunity which will help us bridge the gaps and connect to the world in a better way.” Starting off their careers in different countries, L’Omari in Doha/Toronto and Jonny Sierra in New York City, both have joined hands together to bring out their best and conquer the world with the power of their music.


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