“Shooting Star,” her debut movie, is something she is extremely excited about after winning hearts with her work in modeling and in music videos.

It is so astonishing to see how a few people swiftly move their way to the top by thriving off of their passion, love, pure skills, and madness for what they choose to do in their careers and endeavors in life. It is even more astonishing to notice how most of these individuals did all of this on their own and never showed dependency on other well-known or established names in their industry, except for drawing major inspiration from them. We saw how Kajal Chouhan did the same, first as a model and now as an actor and performer. Through her work so far in her career, she has definitely proved why she deserves all the buzz she has been gaining continuously in the whole of entertainment industry.

Getting in front of the camera always excited her, says Kajal Chouhan, who also points out how if it hadn’t for the many risks she took in her life and the many hurdles she overcame in her journey, she wouldn’t have reached thus far. Her mesmerizing pictures on social media are also proof enough of how confidently she has been moving ahead in her journey by having a strong self-belief that she deserves this all and much more as a model and now even as an actor, who is preparing herself for her silver screen debut with Shooting Star.

Kajal Chouhan says that while she worked as a model and looked at the big hoardings placed in Surat city, she knew what she always wanted to do in her life. Choosing to get into acting, she began by doing hit music videos like Bewafa Yaad Mujhko Na with Altaf Raja under Venus Company and also Tera Roothna Zaruri Hai with Vardhan Singh, under Sunshine Music Company.

With Shooting Star, the MBA graduate (@kajalchouhan_official), originally from Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, wants to create a powerful impact on others.


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