Behind every viral dance trend and radio smash, there is a team of producers and singers. Maverick Bailey p.k.a. Maverick McFly is one marvel music artist who has given us many hits. Fresh off releasing his tracks on his Spotify Channel he garnered an insane amount of listeners. The album ‘The Fortress’ is home to songs like ‘Bow’, Black Winter’ and ‘New World Order.’ The new full-length is home to several popular singles that have been tearing up in recent months. 

Maverick McFly’s knack for melody and lyrics has made it quite clear that he is at the forefront of this new Los Angeles music style mashing up with authentic instrumental vibes. He has songs out now with Sony/RCA and Ultra Records titled ‘Drum N Based’, ‘Jesse Ventura’ respectively, both of which are both heating up. 

Hailing from Los Angeles, Maverick McFly gained a lot of international fame when he collaborated with a french clothing brand called, ‘Durks’. For the brand, the maestro Maverick produced a track back in 20XX and it is still considered to be one of the best by Maverick McFly. But he is not limiting himself to this, he is pushing himself harder every day gifting his fans and his city Calabasas with a new set of slaps. 

Maverick Mcfly also puts a lot of emphasis on the fact that there’s a difference between making music as a hobby and making music as a profession. Just like in business, presentation is important. Part of treating your music career as a business involves presenting yourself as an artist to take seriously. Keep a visiting card and have your personal website. Have your social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram. YouTube is a great platform to upload your performances and rehearsals of all your songs. Maverick McFly exclaimed, “One should know an extensive knowledge in both if they want to be successful.”


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