Ray Holly Baltazar, professionally known as Loulou Beatz , is an American Haitian record producer from 26 years of age from Florida . He is best known for producing MiG Arogan & Silow Capone  “Blazed Up ”, peaking at number 7 on the Billboard Hot 100. His work include songs productions for artists like Silow Capone , MiG Arogan , Almighty Jay , Teejay3k , Kgoon , 0T9 Beno , Fivio foreign , Almighty Gaud , HaitianBird, Atys Panch , BigFa , Dramafls , Steves J Bryan , Bruno Mali , Gazman Couleur.

In his early years Loulou Beatz played the Piano which sparked a passion to learn music production. From there he began spending time in Miami and fort Lauderhill working with whoever he could so he could learn and grow in the music industry.

In the beginning stages of his professional career Loulou Beatz was working in the studio all night and attending high school all day. From a young age he has been determined to succeed in his path by constantly working and never stopping.

Although early on in his career, Videographyplayed a part in his production, Loulou Beatz is heavily influenced by the work of producer group, Zaytoven. With limitless potential, an exciting sound, and unparalleled skills, Loulou Beatz is creating the sounds of a generation.


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