With the advent of the internet and emerging technological advances, various industries have shown a phenomenal development by adapting to these in whichever way possible. Digitization has taken over numerous industries, giving rise to the demand of professionals who have gained mastery over this subject.

However, robust or advanced the systems might be, there are numerous loopholes which can bring a host of security threats which can damage the workings of the digital entity. There are professionals who are well-equipped to tackle such ongoing threats, and their presence is duly required to save the digital world from breaking down. Omid Mehraban is one such professional who has excelled well as a security expert, having streamlined the security process for many entities spread across continents.

This 33-year-old young expert from Gilan, Iran, has been always drawn towards achieving newer heights in his career from the beginning and this made him choose a career which would make a striking difference to his professional life. He chose information security and social media as his line of work and excelled well in these.

We asked him what made him choose the network security field, to which he responds, “With the spurt in digitization, cybersecurity threats have also sprung up which results in weakening of the system. There have been multiple unauthorized online attacks on entities which are weak or do not have a proper security arrangement. The demand for experts who hold expertise in this field have been on the rise since time, and with the rise in such cyberattacks, this was just the perfect career choice in present times when cybersecurity has taken center stage globally.”

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His network security expertise have found him many international clients who vouch for his exceptionally well-developed security processes, which never fail to perform efficiently. Omid has emerged as a shining star in the security as well as social media zone, and his work has been duly recognized by many who have experienced his services, which are of high quality and stand incomparable.


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