The outstanding talent has an inspirational journey behind him, which has added more zealousness and motivation in budding new talents.

Today, when people talk about how difficult or easy it is to make it huge in different fields, they never miss mentioning about the success stories that helped them become their better versions. Taking inspiration from the already successful names in their industries, they gather courage and walk their path to growth, success, and glory. Mohammad Nikoomanesh, aka Mniko14, always wanted to be a part of this, inspiring others through his work and becoming an example for others in the world of music. He is definitely on his path to achieving that and credits his constant musical work, consistency in making beats, tunes, and musical pieces, and most importantly, his resilience for the same.

Having a penchant for music since a very young age, the Persian musical talent, of course, did not have things easy for him. He had to fight tooth and nail to make his name, but ask him if it was all worth it at the end, and he excitingly says, “Yes.” He confesses how he realized that the industry he was getting into was not all about happiness and sunshine and that hurdles were bound to act as a roadblock on his journey, but instead of losing hope and getting feared, he chose to keep walking his path anyway. He believes this has brought him to the front today, for which he is extremely grateful.

To be able to strive for such kind of excellence in a field, already filled with innumerable talented beings in itself, is an act of courage, and the rising Persian musician, rapper, singer, and songwriter has shown that courage and how. His songs available on almost all popular streaming sites like Spotify ( include hits like Saat, Sigar, Zendegi, Ayda, Hamzad, Divar, Sarbaz, Donya, Outro, and Intro. If making it to be a rising name at such a young age is not a success, then what is?

Watch out for his young musical talent in the coming years, and till then, follow him on Instagram @mniko_official.


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