All his songs have connected deeply with listeners and music lovers, taking him to the industry’s forefront.

There have been tons of talented beings working across different fields around the world who tasted success much early in their careers and lives. However, only a few stories among them have hit differently and connected deeply, for they were created from the ground up. All those people who today are known and well-recognized in their sectors had their own respective journeys mostly filled with innumerable challenges, but what still made these individuals earn massive success was their commitment to their goals and their never-give-up attitude, just like Mohammad Chenari showed in the vast and ever-evolving musical world. He had realized he had innate musical skills quite early in life and thus went all in to carve a unique niche for himself as a young Iranian pop singer, songwriter, and musician.

People like Mohammad Chenari prove how any individual, coming from any background or culture, can go ahead in becoming a massive name even in industries like music, which already is overflowing with established as well as emerging players. His journey showcases his brilliance as a young musical talent who had begun playing the piano and guitar at a very young age. However, at that point in life, he had no idea how his life would really turn up after his bold decision to pursue music professionally with the genuine aim to better the Iranian music scene across the world.

His discography so far is also enough proof of what a genius Mohammad Chenari is in the music world with his songs like Mage Daste Mane, Tanhaei, 100, Tire Cheragh Bargh, Cheshaye Siahet, Zang Bezan, Toei Eshgham, Pirahan, Ba Sedaye Boland, Rafti, Yadesh Bekheir, Kamyab, and Parseh, available on almost all major streaming platforms like Spotify,

The Iranian talent, born on 13th January 1987 in Ahvaz, Iran, came up with his first album, 100, in 2015, but over the years, he even collaborated with several well-known Iranian musical talents, gaining outstanding musical experiences. Mohammad Chenari (@mohammadchenari) is now all set to take over the music world and make his name across the globe.


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