The music industry is bright and gleaming owing to hordes of talented singers who enter its territory and charm the audiences with their work. There are innumerable talented artists who have done exceptionally well around the music sphere, but rarely does one come across someone who is as versatile and multi-talented as Mohammad Qattali. This singing sensation is amongst the rare gems who occupy the music space and have enthralled all with their work, which is outstandingly perfect to its core. We can say that this powerhouse of talent has secured himself a commendable position in this highly competitive world, which has no dearth of limitless talent around it.

Like many other established artists who have carved their own niche, he too has worked hard and has today found himself recognition as a fine singer whose work has been appreciated by all. Many established gems of the music world have openly applauded his work, which in itself is a big achievement for someone who has just stepped into the space which is already occupied by innumerable talented artists who are globally known for their outstanding work in the world of music. When asked how does he feel achieving success in spite of the fierce competition that prevails in the industry, he says, “In order to get noticed one needs to have an edge over others as one gets recognized only if their work is different and sets them apart from the conventional ones. Unless you don’t give the audiences something unique, you are not going to get noticed and get where you want to be.”

Qattali has worked extremely hard to attain this position today where he is recognized for his work, which in itself is a big achievement for him. His songs have connected well with the listeners and have even gained massive response on major digital music streaming platforms, especially the ones titled Wallah Abu Dhabi, Khallas, Stopper, Maafi Mushkil, Dubai Life, Roach Killer, and Not My Life. He says that he is gearing up for more music in the coming year and his new releases would be as impressive as his previous ones.

To listen to his songs on Spotify, visit and connect with him on Instagram: @smqattali to stay updated on his new releases.


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