Mohit Chawla a young and energetic man from Kanpur is a founder and owner of a clothes store called T-identi-T. He founded the store way back in 2010 and today, his venture is called the best and the only one stop online store for selling a wide range of branded T-shirts for men and women along with kids of premium quality. His T-shirt has one story to tell and thus his designs that he comes up through his branded store has one tale or the other to tell the world. This is the reason why his designs in the Tees come up with a message, which everyone applauds.

Mohit Chawla is the man behind nourishing this store and has brought from the scratch to emerge in the market as a branded store in Kanpur. The city which is more known as a capital of leather has the presence of such branded stores that has a wide variety of round neck T-shirts. For the online buyers, he has some of the best bets to crack and some incredible offers to check and enjoy the bliss of shopping at their home using their phones and computers.

The t-shirt you get has something interesting message and story to tell the world. This makes the youth feel empowered and happy. Mohit and his team ensure that he brings out round neck t-shirts which are designed for giving messages that reconstruct our society with positivity, youth power and a man who stands against all odds and social evils like domestic abuse, pollution, drink and drive and so on. Thus he is not only earning money with his T-shirts but at the same time stands for social issues with strong messages with his attire.


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