20th July 2022, Pune: Mrs. Chahat Dalal wsa seen at a free medical clinic at Kharadi’s women’s club to create awareness amongst women about menstrual health and child-welfare. Mrs. Dalal believes that the crown comes with responsibilities and the passion of serving the community. In the world of rush, race, she strongly feels compassion and kindness is what the society needs today. Capt. Dalal spoke to the women about the sanitary hygiene and welfare of children. “It is important to understand and address that woman ignore their health and don’t consider it to be their priority. If a woman shares some wisdom with them sure it brings a change in their way of thinking. I wouls always want to be at servie to those who are in need” shares Capt. Dalal.


Free sanitary napkins and vitamins were distributed amongst the women. Where as there was a free medical check up for the children and were distributed vitamins for better health. 


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