She has made it huge across the modelling and art niches with her excellence both as a model and a modern contemporary artist.

The world is filled with people who strive for success at each stage of their life. However, the world needs people who first can clinch excellence before they get their hands on their desired success, says Nafas Hussey, a prominent name in the world of modelling and art, who is now raring to make it huge even as a singing talent. Nafas Hussey explains that around us, we always see more individuals who seem obsessed with attaining overnight success; however, she wants people to understand that the most impactful and powerful stories are those that are made from the ground up.

Nafas Hussey says that her journey has been all about that, where she went all out to create opportunities for herself, challenged herself as an artist and a model and kept learning something new each passing day, only with the genuine aim to better her craft and become her best version. Nafas Hussey is an Iranian talent who is now based in Australia but is definitely making her mark in many other parts of the world as well for her versatility in the modelling, art and music world.

Nafas Hussey reveals how the art world gives her a high. She says that the creative and artistic fields are perhaps the only niches where individuals can be themselves, showcase to the world what they truly possess as artists and gain tremendous success for what they love doing. She has always believed in doing what she loves and hence, has been able to create a flourishing career for herself as a fashion model and modern contemporary artist.

She confesses how at only 7 years she was drawn towards the art world and began painting and since then fell in love with it. She got graduated in architecture and moved to Australia in 2010 for studying visual arts. So far, she has had a few art expeditions across Iran and Sydney. Her talent as an abstract and modern contemporary artist has given her much fame, and now she is also gradually making her mark as a singer.

Nafas Hussey can’t wait to come up with more of her singles (, work more as a model with exciting projects and have more art expeditions in the near future.

To know more, follow her on Instagram @nafas.hussey.


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