The social media age has helped the club scene bloom into a million-dollar industry but its growth wasn’t powered only by Instagram posts. There are founders of this scene that helped to define what clubbing within the modern age looks like. Event coordinator and model Ronnie Wray is a familiar face among these founders, as the Ottawa native has helped to build up the booming Canadian nightlife scene. In our exclusive interview with Ronnie Wray below, he opens up about his journey and motivations, as well as his thoughts on the future of the nightlife industry.

Q1. You’ve made a name for yourself in a range of different industries from modeling to music promotion, what professional title would you say defines you? 

I feel like ‘entrepreneur’ best defines what I do, I’m an entrepreneur within the entertainment industry, I pursue a range of projects from the nightlife sector to the modeling and MC industry.

Q2. What led you to the entertainment industry?

I got my first job within the club scene when I was in college and I started working for Studio44. Honestly, that experience ignited my love for music promotion and live events, I already had a passion for music, but working with Studio44 helped me envision a future within the events industry.

Q3. There have been rumors that you may be about to open a nightclub possibly in Toronto, is there any truth to that?

Perhaps! (Chuckles) you will just have to watch this space because I can’t reveal too much yet but I can confirm that there are some very exciting things on the horizon!

Q4. You recently starred in Loud Luxury’s ‘Like Gold’ music video, what was that experience like?

That’s right I did, it was a really fun experience and project to be a part of! The track is a summery dance anthem and I felt like the striking visuals they chose, really enhanced the song.

Q5. Finally, what effect do you think the pandemic has had on the club scene overall?

I’d say the most obvious effect of the pandemic is the devastating blow it dealt clubs and their revenue, but as nightlife begins to return, I think we are seeing people who are ready to dance again and re-explore the club culture that they have been deprived of all this time and so I predict that we are going witness a huge resurgence of the club scene.


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