The team members at TakaHisa believe in serving the best Japanese cuisine that will bring a real taste of Japan to the UAE.

For few people globally, Japanese food culture is a mystery. As more and more people prefer healthy and intriguing alternatives in Dubai, Japanese cuisine is becoming famous. There is a high demand for traditional sushi and bento dishes among the perfection-seeking Dubai residents. On roaming around Dubai, if one is looking for a real taste of Japan, the home-grown TakaHisa restaurant is a fantastic option. TakaHisa is an authentic Japanese restaurant in Dubai that offers high-quality Japanese cuisine that ranks among the excellent restaurant in Dubai.

TakaHisa is a fantastic place to have an unforgettable combination of authentic sushi and the best wagyu beef worldwide, bringing the most luxurious Japanese fine dining experience in the Emirates. This restaurant is built with the ideas of two executive chefs and their highly experienced team. The two executive chefs have over 15 years of experience and are considered the best chefs globally. TakaHisa also gained more prominence because its premium seafood comes from Toyosu Market and offers “A5 Kobe beef” , considered the highest-grade Wagyu brand globally. TakaHisa is determined to provide people with the most luxurious Japanese fine dining experience in Dubai. It has placed maximum attention on the food quality and authenticity of a Japanese Omakase restaurant and authentic Japanese services at the restaurant that can compel people to return visits. Interior décor ensures proper relaxation for people coming to this restaurant. Exterior views in this restaurant are also very relaxing, and it will take one away from all their chaotic life worries and make one forget about everything. The experience in this restaurant is world-class and very warm.

TakaHisa is undoubtedly setting high standards in food quality and fine-dining experiences across Dubai, making it one of the most rising restaurant brands. To find out more, do visit its website,


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