We live in an era where everything around us has been digitalized. Today there are no businesses, sectors, industries, and domains that does not use digital tools and services to make a robust impact and presence in the markets today and try to capitalize on their returns. Digital solutions along with social media have partnered to amplify the market place and also contribute to the economy at large. But with every opportunity comes it own challenges. People have now started to misuse this medium to satisfy their greed and make quick money. Cyber attacks are now a common problem that is faced by millions across the globe whose occurrence has doubled in last couple of years. In such situations, one needs a good security council or company or professional that can help people safeguard themselves from Cyber-attacks. We came across one such company named PROTEX which has added more value to people from saving them from dangerous cyber-attacks.
Based in Iraq, PROTEX was founded by Sarkawt Shaban, a cybersecurity specialist in 2015 with an objective of saving millions of people and safeguard their interests on online portals. The company aims to protect people from cyber-attacks and issues and have saved thousands of affected people since 2015. In addition to cyber security, PROTEX also aims to provide social media management; social media verification; digital marketing; mobile application development; pos system and databases; security pen testing; web development; and IT consulting. PROTEX has been a one stop all solution company for all their clients and have also ensured to fix hundreds of accounts that were under cyber-attacks for free. They aim to protect all society from potential cyber-attacks by rising awareness regarding protecting personal accounts from different social platforms. Their services has saved many lives and families from being a victim of these controllable attacks.
Building a robust team of core professionals over the years, PROTEX as a company has proved their mettle by delivering desired results for all of their clients and provided them with high quality services. The company currently has 500 active customers acquiring different services whose numbers are increasing with each passing day. We hope they continue their good work and further help many millions.


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