Music is the soul of the universe, which Plato described as a “moral law.” Every person has their unique definition of music inspired by their experiences with it. According to Jaiden Vu, music gives wings to life. Your imagination is the only boulder in your way when it comes to music.

In his exploration of music as an art form and part of everyday life, Jaiden Vu has found that music gives flight to the human imagination. You can build and rebuild scenarios fueled by the melody, lyrics, and instruments in a song. “Music fuels imagination about life and everything around us,” he says.

Jaiden Vu has explored the world through music. In his view, music is meant to be enjoyed in every form available. His notion that music gives wings to life means that you can travel through music, love, grow and experience parts of life you’d never come close to otherwise. Life as we know it is pretty challenging, and music provides a warm escape to where everything is perfect, even if for the duration of a song.

Through his love for the art form, Jaiden Vu inspires young people to explore their musical tastes. He teaches them to live and spread their wings through music. “Music is also a sure way to experience healing, music therapy being proven to relieve stress and uplift mood,” says Jaiden.

Moreover, it is possible to paint a clearer picture of a situation with music. So many aspects of life take off with music, and Jaiden Vu is especially excited about the impacts of music on our brains. “Music improves our memory and learning and helps us express our emotions better,” he says. According to Jaiden Vu, when feelings remain bottled, they can explode in the wrong way; music can help you express yourself creatively and less destructively.

A lot of research has been conducted over the years on classical music and its benefits. And even as the benefits continue to be highlighted, Jaiden Vu recommends that everyone work towards discovering their own musical taste. “Find the genre that gives wings to your life, and life will never be the same,” he concludes.


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