Holding an account and using the same to influence, it might be 2 different tasks but when combined as one, holds an indeterminate power. Frankly, in the world, we live, is focused on technology. It is only the social media that matters these days and if you have a hold over it, you are one among other rulers who are meant to lead. Well, when we talk about leaders, one name that pops up is Vijay Vaswani, a Social media influencer, who is high on pace for what we procrastinate. On today’s date, he is the admin of 2 amazing accounts, @naughtyadults and @jeejaji, which is playing its part well to entertain and update us. Not only this, but this young head is also said to be a benchmark setter and for what’s it worth, for now, it seems to be 8M+ Instagram base. He is also a marketing geek who is a Viral content creator @quaffmedia. What a portfolio without mentioning his actual qualification, isn’t it?

Vijay on today’s date is leading a path which we youngsters at this young age just dream of. we plan, we try, we sometimes execute but the right approach, it’s the people like Vijay who take the approach and make it right. With around 1638 followers on Instagram and the amazing lead over the two amazing Instagram handle @naughtyadults and @jeejaji, Vijay is trying his best to reach as much as he can. He is a true asset for wherever he steps in and his creativity, it’s a strike for all. He says, “For what it’s worth, I try since birth. It is not that I am new into this. I have been part of varied programmes and being the admin, it feels like I have a responsibility towards the world. I want them to laugh, to be entertained, amused and feel amazed by every single post we make. The trust a person lays while they like or follow a page, it might be just a small thing for others but for me, well, for me, it’s a burden (positively) which they lay upon me to present them with the utmost satisfaction of entertainment they deserve. I owe every single one for joining the accounts and I am sure I will stand up to their wishes for sure.”

It’s hard to see people like Vijay these days who take their responsibility too seriously. He is one great example for all those who wish to create a life for themselves. His every idea and the way he presents his idea is different from others and differentiate him for the best. For him, the work is never working as for what he chooses as his line wakes him every single day with a happy face and a satisfied mind. He aims for more, everyone does but the way he’s trying to build his empire in the social media channel is one appreciable part to look in to.

Vijay, a name which says victory is the right choice for his name and suits up to the quality he presents around. Just as it was said above, he’s a charm of every field and the work he does is full of creativity and uniqueness. He’s an impression of why just use Social media for time pass when there are a lot more people to do the same while they sit and get entertained by what you present them with. His ideas and way of thinking are true and so are his efforts who never lack, possibly not even in his sleep. He says-
“It is easy to dream but hard to achieve but if we change a little of our thoughts, it will be hard dreaming when you will be busy achieving.” What a line to all around. A real inspiration for all those who look after him as a motivator. From him is to learn, that we must be a doer rather than woe.


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