He lays out a few qualities that singers must hone to become their better versions.

Across industries, we hear about tons of stories that speak loud of hard work and resilience. These stories of people prove that individuals can achieve success across any field at any stage of their lives. People only need to work harder, grind each day and push limits to attain their definition of success. Some of them have been doing the same even in fiercely competitive industries like music and still have managed to make their mark. Serving as one of the finest examples of such individuals is Will Cartagena, the man whose voice has grabbed the attention of all recently.

“Big Flex” is his latest single, and his EP “The Founder” released this year with songs like Chop, Live Life, and Banx all have proved why Will Cartagena deserves a prominent place in the industry. He has become a promising talent whose melodic voice has captured people’s hearts and have compelled them to listen to his tracks more each day. Below he shares a few qualities he feels will help other budding musical artists and singers become their better versions.

  • Unique sound: Will Cartagena says budding singers must always work around developing a unique sound while also making sure they don’t try to be what they are not. Developing a unique sound will help them stand apart from others and grab the audience’s attention even in a crowd filled with many other singers.
  • Technical skills: Apart from the artistic skills individuals may have, it is essential for them to also develop technical skills to become sound in overall music production. This helps singers to have the edge over others as knowledgeable artists.
  • Passion: Will Cartagena believes that nothing in this world can’t be achieved with passion. It is through this passion and madness for music that musical talents have become extraordinary singing sensations of the world.
  • Positive attitude: Another quality that singers must develop is a positive mental attitude, says Will Cartagena. This will help them face the challenges on their path and help them keep moving ahead anyway, ultimately leading them towards their desired goals and visions in life.

To listen to his outstanding tracks, do visit his Spotify https://open.spotify.com/artist/2DAmdWKZP36iwQf2TmTMxw


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